We use a multiple intelligences (MI) approach to our preschool curriculum, which is a way of providing activities and experiences that address all of the ways that children are “smart”. These different intelligences include spatial, interpersonal, naturalist, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, linguistic, and intrapersonal.

Children learn in a number of different ways and we work hard to offer the opportunity to learn in the ways in which each of them learns best.
The below are some examples of ways we incorporate multiple intelligences into our curriculum:

  • Art – We focus on using colors, textures, and shapes to appeal to spatial and interpersonal intelligences.
  • Science/Discovery – We will be conducting experiments sorting and classifying various aspects of the environment.
  • Math – We incorporate numbers and counting into matching games to involve logical-mathematical intelligences.
  • Dramatic Play – We use dancing, singing, clapping, and follow-the-leader games to involve our bodily-kinesthetic, musical, and interpersonal intelligences.
  • Language – We read stories and make signs to label things in our surroundings on a regular basis to encourage linguistic, spatial, and intrapersonal intelligences.

The activities in our preschool curriculum engages the abilities and learning styles of the individual children while sparking their interest and imagination in all subject areas and developmental domains. The lessons are thematically based to appeal to the interests of the children while preparing them for kindergarten.