For the first child$10.00
Each additional child$6.00
Last Hour (7pm-8pm,9pm-10pm) *$12.00
Day Pass
6-10 hours in 1 day$59.99
Date Night Special
4 hours & a pizza dinner$30.00
Once per family, per year$35.00
Membership Packages
First 10 hours$89.99 ($9/hr) 10 Additional child hours$59.99 ($6/hr)
First 20 hours$159.99 ($8/hr) 20 Additional child hours$119.99 ($6/hr)
First 30 hours$209.99 ($7/hr) 30 Additional child hours$179.99 ($6/hr)
First 40 hours$239.99 ($6/hr) 40 Additional child hours$239.99 ($6/hr)
Kids meals$5.00
Diapers/baby wipes$2.00
Loaner pants/shirt$5.00 Deposit
More Information
*All passes paid for at the time of drop-off
*Hourly Customers require $50 deposit or a card on file