About Us


AJ's Treehouse is Utah's premier drop-in childcare facility. We offer the flexibility and convenience of not having to arrange for child care a head of time, while also giving the option to reserve a spot when you know your childcare needs in advance.

AJ's Treehouse is an edu-tainment facility that focuses on integrating learning with play. Children from the age of 2-12 are welcome and we offer a variety of crafts and activities that fit every age. Our staff are full of energy and creativity who love to involve and interact with the children as they share fun and educational learning activities.

Teachers & Staff

Our energetic and creative staff involve and interact with your children as they provide fun and educational learning activities.

Every member of our staff is:
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid
  • Pass federal background checks
  • Experienced in Early Childhood Education and Recreation
  • Continuously receive staff development and skill building workshops

AJ’s Treehouse exceeds state licensing requirements by providing, on average a lower teacher to child ratio. In addition, there are always at least 2 staff members on site at all times ensuring that children have the care and attention they need.

Play Area

What is the play space like?

An invitation for fun!

Our open floor plan gives children freedom of movement to choose the activity area that most interests them, and it allows continuous teacher observation. Without walls blocking visibility, parents can always see the exciting activities their children are engaged in at AJ’s Treehouse. This ensures a safe and secure environment.

There’s always something going on.

Imagination Station inspires creativity and problem-solving while promoting fine motor development and sensory exploration. Throughout the day, kids participate in drawing, coloring, painting, puzzles, playdough, blocks, an entire wall covered in dry-erase boards for kids to draw on.

Creation Station promotes fine motor development and sensory exploration. Throughout the day, kids participate in puzzles, playdough, blocks.

Activity Area builds self-confidence and imagination. Kids individually or in groups play with a wide assortment of toys, pretend in the playhouse or investigate the book nook. Organized action games are offered hourly based on the interest, age and energy level of the children present.

Sport Court bolsters coordination and cooperation. They can kick goals, shoot baskets, play 4-square, or just enjoy the game of catch

Book Nook enhances language and listening skills. This area is used for story times, music, movies, games and guest performers. Group times are offered at least 5 times a day incorporating music, dance, drama and imagination.

Green Team is a special school-age focus that encourages interaction with peers. Older kids participate in more detailed art, age appropriate games, non-violent video games and can do homework. During school vacation, special activities and camps are offered.


Monday - Thursday:7:00am - 9:00pm
Friday - Saturday:7:00am - 11:00pm
Open Holidays
New Years Eve
Martin Luther King Day
Presidents Day
Valentines Day
St Patrick's Day
Memorial Day
4th of July*
Eve 24th of July
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve*
*Early Close


Address: 7711 700 E sandy, Utah 84047
Located in Harmons parking lot


AJ’s Treehouse takes every possible precaution when it comes to safety. Utilizing electro-magnetic locks that require internal release ensuring that no one enters the facility without permission. Wireless security cameras are used with password-protected access that is changed several times daily. Parents will be provided a temporary password to view children and activities while their child is in our care.