First Hour Free

  • Brand new customers try us for free!
  • * mention this ad at front desk to redeem

Frequent Flyer Promo

First Child 7.50

Help us get the word out and get a discounted price for the first year!
* Facebook – Like, Comment, and Share
* Instagram/Twitter – Coming Soon

In addition, every 10 visits to Aj’s Treehouse will earn you a 1-hour free reward!

Date-Night Promo

  • Friday night date night special
  • Dinner Deal – 3 hours AND a pizza dinner deal for $25 *
  • Dinner and a Movie Deal – 5 hours AND a pizza dinner deal for $35 *

* Pizza Dinner Deal: slice of cheese pizza, applesauce, and a drink

Day Pass

  • Day Passes cover between 6-10 hours in one day for a flat $50 fee.